Shift Energy’s holistic approach to each project considers available needs, requirements, resources, as well as opportunities in the location, with the aim of aligning solutions for efficient results. To that end:

• Each project has a customized system design. We do not use one technology to solve all problems. Rather, each project solution is designed to conform with each site local and regional resources.

• Additional technologies, like pyrolysis, fuel cells, and electrolyzers, may be used to achieve maximum efficiency, generating by-products to meet local needs or demands.

• Renewable diesel, methanol or hydrogen PLUS electricity are all feasible as primary or secondary outputs.


• Scalable modular design allows for growth and addition of technology to achieve new, different outputs, ensuring profitability and reducing risks.

• Zero-emissions design, with clean process achieved through a combination of existing technologies.

• As new technologies evolve, over the course of each biorefinery’s operations, advancements can be introduced, boosting production and accommodating the ever changing market and demand.